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Christmas Gifts

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This Christmas give the joy of; Food, Drink & Cooking, Cats, Dogs, Gardening, Mysteries, DIY, Health And Fitness, Romance, History, Travel, & Kids’ Books.


This Christmas give a gift that feeds your loved ones’ passions.


We have over 300,000 modern and vintage books* covering subjects from A to Z: Art, Biographies, Children’s Books, Cats, Cars, Cooking, Drinks, Dogs, DIY, Fantasy, Food, Fishing, Gardening, History, Humour, Mysteries, Music, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality, Romance, Science, Sci-Fi, Self Help, Thrillers, Travel, Zoology (and many more).


Choose a subject (or two or three) and we will hand pick a yard or more from our stock of pre-loved modern and vintage books.


Call now on 07927 629785 to discuss and give us time to hand pick your order in time for Christmas delivery.



*Of course whilst we have a huge stock of books, we might not be able to fulfil some very specific or obscure subject requests. For example, we only have one book left on Welsh cheese making! 

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