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Bespoke Yards

If you require something more specific than the pre-curated yards we have available for immediate purchase, we offer a bespoke service for both private and professional clients.

We work with interior designers, hoteliers, set dressers, film & TV production companies, and with private individuals looking to curate their home libraries:

  • Bespoke yards are assembled by hand in collaboration with the client and to their specific brief.

  • Our bespoke yards of pre-owned books are created in consultation with our client.

  • We can supply from a single bespoke yard to many hundreds.

  • We can work from a single line brief or from highly detailed instructions.

  • We are happy to collaborate as much or  as little as the client requests.

Given the unique nature of bespoke yards, the lead time for bespoke yards will be dependent upon the complexity of the request and the scarcity of the books. Each bespoke yard is assembled to order with the assembly time required being dependent upon the nature and scarcity of being pre-owned titles, and the specificity of the client’s brief. We will advise you on enquiry as to the expected time required. Some requests may be undertaken in just hours, however the more specific requests may take several weeks to complete. 

Please contact us by phone or email or using the form below for further information. If you choose to contact us by email or form, we will contact you as soon as possible. We endeavour to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Rush Requests

We know that within professional productions, time is often critical. We will endeavour to fulfil rush requests, even same day requests, wherever possible.

We can supply both bespoke yards and curated yards as rush request, however rush requests may incur a premium surcharge.

"More than happy once again...They always hit the mark, are really professional and are a pleasure to do business with...I would highly recommend!" 

"Amazing books, great service. We borrowed a large number of books for a photoshoot and we couldn’t have been happier."

Facil Production Ltd for Warner Brother Studios

Thorncombe Design and Build Ltd

Wild Bill - BBY Books.png

We have supplied books for many TV and theatre sets. From the BBC to independent studios and theatres across the country. We can supply books specific to the set as required, ensuring you get the right colours, subjects and condition of books to set the perfect ambience.

Books for Set Dressing

Wooden Bookshelves

We deliver a bespoke, customer focused, high quality service to help people curate individual home or work libraries that are perfectly suited to their own personal taste, style and interests.

Books for Personal Libraries


Use our Books by the Yard service for your interior design needs. We can hand pick customer orders, providing you with books that meet your specific requirements. From books colour, size and cover type to book genre and published date ranges. We have already filled a variety of orders from contemporary coffee table books to vintage and antiquarian novels. Filing the shelves of restaurants, hotels, offices, apartments blocks and more.

Books for Interior Design

pexels-alejandro-avila-288008 (1).jpg

Add a bookish twist to your wedding. We can hand pick vintage and antiquarian books for your special day. From classic sets to modern classic, books can make the perfect addition to your wedding decor.

Books for Weddings

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