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About Us

Books by the Yard has grown from strength to strength and what began as a simple ‘bulk’ business now supplies books to interior designers, set dressers, film and TV and a whole host of other needs either by sale or purchase and also for home libraries and gifts via our website. 

Our Books By The Yard service is specifically designed to meet your needs - delivering hand-picked, carefully curated collections of books to your shelf with a no-hassle guarantee. We do all the work to make your shelves look just the way you want them to - it’s the simple and easy way to fill your bookshelves as well as discover some rare and beautiful smaller curated collections for yourself or to give as a gift.

What we can do for you

We can pick books completely to your specification. Having previously fulfilled individual orders for 10,000 books, orders from across the world, for museums, film studios, private booksellers, interior designers and more, we have the capacity, skills and experience to deal with larger orders quickly and efficiently. The choice is truly yours when it comes to our service - your can request books by colour, size, binding, genre and more. 

We also offer many book wholesale opportunities such as books by the pallet. Contact us to find out just what we can do. 

Communication is key when it comes to ordering books in large volumes - tell us what you want, and let our staff do the rest. With a team dedicated to providing excellent order handling and customer service, we are passionate about all things books and hope you enjoy your experience with us.


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