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Everyone needs a quiet place…


Books are not only good to read, they can be very effective in helping abate with unwanted noise.

Noise pollution can be a serious problem at both work and home.


Your brain constantly monitors sounds for signs of danger, even while while sleeping. Continued exposure causes increased stress, which explains why noise pollution has been shown to be linked with heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and disturbed sleep.


Books can help. They are a naturally dense material that is sonically absorbent.


External noise from neighbours can be reduced by insulating walls with full or partial bookcases. Books when set slightly forwards of the offending wall create an resonance chamber that refracts  and absorbs sound.


Whilst internal noise (and echoing) both domestically and commercially can be diffused by bookcases placed on walls and as internal dividers.


Books in offices not only provide staff with the perk of a free lending library, they help combat the well documented decreased productivity associated with open plan offices.

We can provide varying cost options for both domestic and commercial spaces.

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